The Future of Cleantech

Neal Dikeman, Managing partner and founder of Energy Transition Ventures, interviewed by futurist Trond Arne Undheim. 

In this conversation, they talk about Where do we currently stand on energy transition? Disruptive forces (tech, regulation, business models, social dynamics). What is the role of energy policy v. the free market? Which energy models to trust? The emergent energy mix and how it will evolve? When will renewables surpass fossil fuels in the US and globally? Exciting startups. Emerging business model plays. Macro trends. The role of clean energy into the next decade.

The takeaway is that cleantech is coming of age. The reason is slightly counterintuitive. It is not happening because of government action, at least not (yet) in the USA. It’s not happening because more people want to save the planet. Rather, it’s happening because renewables, after a slow rise over decades, are reaching energy parity with fossil fuels. No matter what happens to policy, to global treaties, or what might be the Biden Presidency priorities, over the next few years we will witness an energy transition without parallel in our history. Add some policy action to that, and we will experience a sea change, which is about time, because sea levels are rising. 

After listening to the episode, check out Energy Transition Ventures,, as well as Neal Dikeman’s online profile:

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