The Future of Engines

Futurist Trond Arne Undheim interviews Alec Shkolnik, President and co-founder of Liquid Piston, an MIT spinout. We talk about engines and how they can power robots, vehicles and drones. Our guest has made the bold choice of making a new engine, which hasn’t been attempted since 1954, instead of just capitalizing on his gold plated education in AI, robotics and neuroscience in the most obvious way.


The takeaway is that even though engines powered by anything but electricity seem a bit outdated in today’s environment, the future is a hybrid scenario with a mix of engines with different capabilities contributing to optimizing our desired mobility. By giving the rotary engine an overhaul, Liquid Piston might take us even faster into a future where a myriad of machines let us venture farther, faster and with more flexibility than today’s technologies allow. What an exciting prospect that, in this age of big conglomerates in the automotive sector, a father/son business might one day power the vehicles you see all around you.


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