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Trond Undheim

MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer, Executive, Consultant, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, Traveler, Wine Writer, Musician, Blogger … and Parent.

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The future of work and AI

June 7, 2019

Last week, I chaired a panel at The Global Corporate Venturing Symposium 2019 in London on the Future of work and Impact of human-machine interfaces & AI.

Discussing the future of work and AI in London.

Staying on top of tech disruption is not trivial. Every day, hundreds of articles are published, claiming to have a grasp of new and emerging technologies. See my full LinkedIn post and learn what traits makes the thought leaders of tomorrow. Or, go directly to, the insight network, and startup using the preferred man/machine interface for tomorrow’s professional, and stay up to date on tech trends.


Can parenthood prepare you for entrepreneurship?

June 18, 2015

Of all the experiences I’ve had over the course of my life…perhaps the thing that’s prepared me most for entrepreneurship is parenting: being ultra efficient due to time constraints, taking negative feedback better (some would say that wasn’t hard given the starting point), being ultra-aware of your environment, modeling how your kid questions everything, etc..

Read the full post on WBUR’s Cognoscenti.

Expert networks address a market failure. On the supply side, the world is full of dispersed, skilled individuals who previously did not have a market or who were underutilized. On the demand side, companies face a challenging business reality of constant industry disruption that cannot be resolved by a company’s own employees.

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Why Become an Expert on Demand?

May 13, 2014

Yegii, the insight network, is in open beta

February 26, 2014

I am excited to announce that my startup Yegii is in open beta. Yegii Inc. supplies specialist insight to businesses in the midst of industry disruption. Analyzing emerging tech, policy and business models is where Yegii excels. Our products cover 3D printing, distributed energy generation, new nuclear, personalized healthcare and more: (a) Ranked industry and topic specific knowledge assets (by subscription); (b) In-depth analysis of business challenges by multidisciplinary, global teams (on demand).

We are looking for professionals to work on the following Business Challenges:

Business drivers in New Nuclear.

Budget: $1 500. Address the 3-5 year outlook, technology and regulatory drivers for New Nuclear. Provide an overview of the key players, geographies, and particularly address how the emerging business models complement and/or replace existing ones. Client: Choice Investments Inc. Learn more.

Bitcoin’s Impact on Banks.

Budget: $5 000. Analyze the impact of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on banks and devise a strategic course of action. Client: Santander. Learn more.

The 3-5 year Outline for Wind in the US.

Budget: $5 000. How much will get installed? Where will it be installed? What’s the likelihood of RPS, PTC and other government policies? Client: National Grid. Learn more.

Lessons from the Drowning in Morses Pond

June 7, 2013

Authorities, large and small, should listen to good ideas, regardless where they are coming from, even in a stressed situation.

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Searching for strategy

June 7, 2013

Strategy is nothing more–and nothing less–than a succinct expression of where an organization is already going.

For more, see Searching for Strategy

Strategy failure in cleantech

October 25, 2012

Cleantech has seen its share of high profile failures over the past year.  The bankruptcy of solar cell company Solyndra has been the most public, but there are many others. This has led many to say that the sector is immature, others to say it is doomed or plagued by fickle or unstable state subsidies. It is also true that quite often, Cleantech firms bank on (somebody) introducing changes in infrastructure that need significant momentum (and time) to take hold. But surely Cleantech CEOs are smart people, so the reason they fail must be slightly more complex, perhaps? I am starting a new research project on strategic failure in the cleantech sector. I am looking to identify strategies, companies, people, technologies, structures, and mechanisms that contribute to failed firms. Contact me, see MIT Sloan Experts: Strategy Failure in Cleantech.

Wine in Muslim Indonesia

February 7, 2012


Do Indonesians enjoy wine? Typical answer: No. Real answer: More and more. I traveled to Indonesia to check it out and spoke with local sommelier Yohan Handoyo. Yohan recently wrote The Secrets of Wine which won Gourmand International’s award for best educational book and is now the sommelier at Decanter Jakarta in Indonesia.

For the full article, see Wine in Muslim Indonesia (HTML), Ed. 42, Jan/Feb 2012.

10 Ways To Gain Energy From A Long-Haul Flight

June 1, 2011

Flying used to drain my energy.  No more.  Applying my own leadership from below principles to air travel I actually gain energy.  How did I do it? Let me explain.  See blog entry.

Commission adopts legal package on Standardization

June 1, 2011

Direct referencing of specifications from global standards development organizations (fora/consortia), provided they satisfy transparency  and openness criteria, is very positive for the ICT sector and makes the European Standardization System more competitive, flexible, and efficient.  See full blog entry  (on Trond’s Opening Standard) and see More Standards for Europe and faster (on