Show notes – by disruption forces

This is a select list of show notes that contain, for the most part, full transcripts plus links to relevant things that were discussed, grouped by the forces of disruption each episode primarily addresses. To access all episodes of the podcast, find your favorite podcast player here.

technology forces

The quest for general artificial intelligence: Futurized #30

The future of enterprise blockchain: Futurized #25

Reality and hype in deep learning: Futurized #8

What’s next in battery storage: Futurized #21

Business forces

The Future of Work: Futurized #41 (w/Ian Barkin)

The Future of Decentralized Finance: Futurized #5

The future of industrial operations: Futurized #18

The Future of Pre-seed Investing: Futurized #15

How can Corporates Reignite the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Futurized #1

regulatory forces

The Remaking of Transportation: Futurized #3

Social forces

The Future of Inclusion and DIversity: Futurized #23

Digital Health in Future Pandemics: Futurized #19

The future of K-12 education: Futurized #28

The Future of Beverages: Futurized #2