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The Remaking of Transportation Futurized

Host and futurist Trond Arne Undheim interviews special guest Evangelos Simoudis, technologist, investor and author of the new book Transportation Transformation: How Autonomous Mobility Will Fuel New Value Chains (2020). The takeaway is that new mobility will unfold over the next twenty years, in different speeds depending on the savvy of city governments. The future is multimodal in various ways, but will demand coming up with–and embracing–new business models, whether you are involved with public transport, the automotive industry, or ride sharing startups. After listening to the episode, check out Dr. Simoudis' new book Transportation Tranformation on Amazon.com, read his blog on Reimagining Corporate Innovation, find out more about his venture firm Synapse Partners or find him on Twitter (@esimoudis) or LinkedIn (evangelossimoudis). The show is hosted by Podbean and can be found at Futurized.co. Additional context about the show, the topics, and our guests, including show notes and a full list of podcast players that syndicate the show can be found at https://trondundheim.com/podcast/.For more about the host, including media coverage, books and more, see Trond Arne Undheim's personal website (https://trondundheim.com/) as well as the Yegii Insights blog (https://yegii.wpcomstaging.com/). Undheim has published two books this year, Pandemic Aftermath and Disruption Games. To advertise or become a guest on the show, contact the podcast host here.
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