Wish list for futurized.co podcast – fall 2020

As we mark the first 30 episodes of the Futurized podcast during twelve intense weeks, here are the top 10 wishes for the fall of 2020.

Some say it’s easy to launch a podcast these days. I’m not sure those people have actually tried. In reality, although tremendously fulfilling, it is hard work.

As with most things, it takes a village, and in my experience, the village typically chips in. But they can only do so if they know exactly what might be needed. Some wishes are related to fundraising or evidence of our impact. Others might simply entail helping with an introduction, giving us a review on a podcast player or perhaps volunteering to help out in other ways.

By the end of 2020…

  1. Reach 100+ 5-star reviews on iTunes
  2. Get introductions to 10 luminaries that become guests on the show
  3. Broaden the topic coverage across all forces of disruption
  4. Solidify our coverage of the ten technologies for the next decade
  5. Finance key equipment upgrades (computer, camera, mics) to record live & video
  6. Kick off our YouTube channel with unique, high-quality video episodes
  7. Receive substantial feedback that Futurized helped listeners deal with disruption
  8. Begin daily coverage (up from twice a week)
  9. Achieve recognition as a notable Future of Work and Technology podcast
  10. Reach an audience level enabling Futurized.co to be self-sustained

Reaching the next milestones

In the coming days and weeks, we will expand on why each of these would be important to drive Futurized.co forward and track our progress towards these goals and fulfilling our wishes. We will also cover our ongoing growth on the podcast.

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