Teen Entrepreneurship


Today, Anjalee Naranthiren, the 19-year-old speaker, founder and Program Director at Startup Dojo and host of the YoungPreneur podcast is our guest on the Futurized podcast (@futurized2). In this conversation, we talk about teen entrepreneurship, how to actually be one, and how to foster it in others, and how to facilitate their success.

Futurized goes beneath the trends to track the underlying forces of disruption in tech, policy, business models, social dynamics and the environment. I’m your host, Trond Arne Undheim (@trondau), futurist and author.

My takeaway is that with all the problems the world is facing, teen entrepreneurship is more important than ever. Inspiring others is important but providing advice is needed. Even though entrepreneurs are full of initiative it is important to realize that being entrepreneurial is not an innate skill, it can be learned, especially if you start early. How inspiring to see a teen entrepreneur mentor other teens, even as she herself is becoming a student.

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