The Future of Content Creation

Jesse Krieger, Chief Content Officer, (@powerfanio) guests Futurized podcast, episode 142, hosted by futurist Trond Arne Undheim (@trondau). In this conversation, they talk about what content creation is, what’s wrong with the business model, and how NFTs can fix it. 

Trond’s takeaway

Content creation is important both as a creative and as a professional outlet. Whilst NFTs do provide great opportunities to experiment, they cannot replace building an audience in the first place, which means it is a great method for people with a pre-existing audience of some sort to try to get them hooked on your content and allow them to compensate you for it. Times are exciting, it’s hard to know where this will shake down, but the internet, so far,  for all its freedom of expression, has been tough for folks trying to monetize content. 

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