The Future of Policing

In episode 128 of the Futurized podcast, the topic is: The Future of Policing. Our guest is Rahul Sidhu, Co-Founder and CEO at SPIDR Tech.

In this conversation, they talk about police reform, law enforcement technology, politics, and how entrepreneurship fits into the public safety space.

Trond’s takeaway:

My observation is that police reform is generally and nearly always a good idea, since any public institution that carries guns needs to be constantly scrutinized. The prospect of law enforcement technology somehow making society safer is a notion with mixed merit. Technology, as always, is a double edged sword. What we gain in efficiency of force, we might lose in the time needed to process what occurred. However, it seems prudent to invest in applications that lets the public and the police stay in constant dialogue to avoid one way communication. The future of law enforcement surely includes technology and will require close oversight both by the institutions themselves, by government, and by citizens. We are nowhere near a world with no need for police forces, but we all deserve a fair shake when we are confronted by it, whether for routine infractions or when causing events that threaten public safety. For that, technology will be involved and will increasingly become more sophisticated, although undoubtedly, at times, will be stuck in bureaucracy, for which we all need to practice our patience.

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