The Future of Hospitals

Dan Vahdat (@DanVahdat), CEO of Huma (@humaforhealth), interviewed by Trond Arne Undheim (@trondau), futurist and author. 

In this conversation, they talk about scaling digital health, post-pandemic opportunities, predictive care at scale, digital care, and is the hospital of the future a building or a distributed care concept, or both?

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Trond’s takeaway:

The future of hospitals is not going to be a simple thing, digitized or not. Healthcare is fraught with contradictions, complexity, massive costs, and the stakes of life and death. Technology is really only one part of the puzzle. Having said that, we are at the precipice of healthcare tech as a major differentiator and possibly able to bypass some of the complexities and deliver blanket improvements for all, across society. However, more probably, the benefits will first come to the elite.

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