The Future of Child Abuse Online

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In episode #105 of the podcast, the topic is: The Future of Child Abuse Online. Our guest is Chris Wexler, CEO and co-founder of Krunam.

In this conversation, we talk about the business of removing digital toxic waste from the internet using AI to identify Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

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My takeaway is that Child Abuse Online is a growing problem and there is no simple technology fix. We are dealing with those who push the limits of pornography, one of the most adaptive applications on the internet. Keeping a watchful eye and reporting abuses as we come across them, seems like a sensible approach, supporting businesses such as Krunam, who use AI to fight it, also makes sense. It is encouraging that there now are clever people, technologies, and organizations helping law enforcement with this endemic problem. Regulating the players whose business models touches this area more vigorously would also help.

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