Play, Uncertainty and Growth

Futurized goes beneath the trends to track the underlying forces of disruption in tech, policy, business models, social dynamics and the environment. I’m your host, Trond Arne Undheim, futurist and author. In episode #108 of the podcast, the topic is: Play, Uncertainty and Growth. Our guest is Claus Raasted, Futurist, Director at The College of Extraordinary Experiences.

In this conversation, we talk about playful productivity, how learning how to see the world in a different way can unlock growth, designing role plays to expand human professional experiences, how teaching has been in a terrible place for hundreds of years, and about the emotional connection to books. 

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My takeaway is that using your imagination the fullest extent is becoming an important differentiator in the workplace. To many of us, this has to be learned much like anything else in life, partly because the rest of our human experience serves to do the opposite–provides incentives to unlearning the childlike approach to learning which is so fundamental for staying flexible.

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