The Future of Art and Tech

Ben Kovalis, co-founder and CMO at, interviewed by Futurized’s podcast host Trond Arne Undheim (@trondau), futurist and author.

In this conversation, they talk about what it means to use artificial intelligence to create one-of-a-kind artworks generated entirely by computer algorithms. How and when did it evolve? Does it complement or change art? Is it any different from previous technologies used to innovate artistic expression? What now?

Disclosure: Trond was gifted two AI generated artworks in order to prepare for this episode. The feedback he gets from those who see it is fascinating in itself.

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Trond’s takeaway: Art and tech have always been linked together by creative artists. Is there a difference when AI gets used in each stage of the artistic process and arguably somewhat independently of human hands? How important is the medium in conveying a message? How can technology and artistry rise above the technology itself if technology gets more and more autonomous? What would happen if society invested as much in AI art as in AI for social media or AI for industrial production? These questions are not resolved but are intriguing to ponder as we enter this puzzling decade.

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