Free Speech on Social Media

Bill Ottman, CEO & co-founder of Minds, an open source, crypto-based social network, interviewed by host Trond Arne Undheim, futurist, investor, and author.

In this conversation, we talk about how can we solve social media censorship issues and violations of free speech, but still filter out illegal content? What technologies are key to disrupting social network change for good? Censorship in the digital age. Platform control among big tech and how it is achieved at times to the detriment of privacy. We discuss Bill’s notion of “extractive media”. We discuss surveillance issues in “closed” media. We also discuss the emergence of alt media and crypto social media that respect privacy and try to reward creators. 

After listening to the episode, find out more about Minds and check out Bill Ottman’s social media profile.

Trond’s takeaway: Free speech is a contentious issue on social media these days. The balance between free speech and censorship is a delicate one, and one that is never fully resolved. Whether it is legal, ethical, or commercial deliberations behind it, free speech is an ideal not a reality online. What constitutes hate speech? What good is censorship if questionable speech always finds an outlet? What is a fair business model for the future of social media? Is it time to truly break up big tech? What would we get instead? Many questions here, on Futurized we are not there to conclude, only to ask questions. There will be more questions in the time ahead.

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