The path towards Science 2.0

Jean-Claude Burgelman, Professor of Open Science Policy at the Free University of Brussels, interviewed by host Trond Arne Undheim. 

In this conversation, they talk about The Impact of Digital on Science. JC Burgelman’s career spans the EU, foresight, Media, and tech assessment. We discuss the role of foresight in EU policy. What are the big challenges? Fallout of COVID has compelled science from closed to open, from premium to collaborative. Is a 5th revolution in science irreversible? What has been learned? We talk about how the business model is shifting from articles to data and touch on next decade’s science and publishing.

My takeaway is that data is the new oxygen and science is opening up. How quickly will it happen? Quicker than you would think. Yet, proprietary publishing models still have some gas in the tank and don’t misunderstand that with open science everything will somehow be free. Scientific institutions, teams of scientists, and perhaps even individual scientists, will, rather, be able to price themselves more accurately. There might be a bigger discrepancy between good science and bad science, and perhaps less of the latter.

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