The Future of Digital Health AI

Catherine Havasi, CEO and co-founder, Dalang Health, interviewed by futurist Trond Arne Undheim. 

In this conversation, they talk about Patient experience. Telehealth. Personalizing digital health. The AI space (ConceptNet, crowdsourcing for AI, word embeddings, transfer learning, multilingual natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning, federated learning). Chronic Disease Management. Exciting applications (health coaching, telehealth, mHealth, chatbots, agent assist, augmentation, scaling personalization, digital characters, animation, avatars). Perspectives on the future.

The takeaway is that  Digital Health AI must emerge but only when we are sure the software truly works. For now, what we have is scattered machine learning applications that approximate meaning and compute fairly mindlessly. Hyperpersonalized health will indeed depend on AI, but the tech will only succeed if its developers realize that life is complex, people are different, and there was a reason healthcare has been somewhat tailored to each person in a manual fashion. Behavioral health apps are great, but need to be integrated into the health system in an interoperable manner before it can have its true effect on population health and individual health outcome. 

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