Future tech as a disruptive force


In episode 86 of the podcast, the topic is: Future Tech: Disruptive technology forces. Futurist Trond Arne Undheim talks about Chapter 2 of his forthcoming book Future Tech: How to capture value from disruptive industry trends, which is about how science and technology enable innovation. We listen to some clips from earlier episodes of Futurized, in the domains of AI, engines, quantum computing and more. 

After listening to this episode, check out the Future Tech book, which can be obtained in near any bookseller around the globe:

The show can be found at Futurized.co. Additional context about the show, the topics, and our guests, including show notes and a full list of podcast players that syndicate the show can be found at https://trondundheim.com/podcast/. Music: Electricity by Ian Post from the album Magnetism. 

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