Hunting for Emerging Tech

Shaun Vanderpool, CEO and founder of Il Lupo and Hempire, an avid hunter of emerging technology to commercialize, interviewed by futurist Trond Arne Undheim.

In this conversation, they talk about how difficult it is for our educational system to recognize and adapt to individual exceptional abilities. We discuss the massive potential of Hemp, the vast energy potential of a new five phase engine, and briefly cover an emerging opportunity to extract Water directly from air humidity, each technologies Vanderpool has dug up ‘from under a rock’ and not at universities, and is now exploiting.

The takeaway is that the future of emerging tech is, for all the hype around it, vastly underrated, given that it can be developed with such vastly improved efficiencies at such rapid pace. On the other hand, perhaps it takes a unique mind to identify and commercialize breakthrough tech.

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