Future of Family Office Investing


Sidney Wheatley, CIO, Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Salman bin Abdulla bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, Kingdom of Bahrain, is interviewed by futurist Trond Arne Undheim, host of the Futurized podcast, and author of Future Tech (2021), Pandemic Aftermath (2020), Disruption Games (2020), and Leadership From Below (2008).

In this conversation, they talk about The Future of Family Office Investing. Trends in family office investment portfolios. Global shifts, industry trends, foresight, tech investing, fintech, and blockchain. They discuss new consumption patterns for multimedia and film as well as other emerging sector plays. Furthermore, they cover diversification during times of turmoil, the changing nature of the petroleum industry towards the post-petroleum world and post-virus world. They cover the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 and wonder what does the next decade look like?

The takeaway is that Family Office Investing is adjusting to global events, innovative opportunities, and societal disruption with diversification and increased emphasis on technology startups as a new asset class. However, traditional assets, such as real estate, industry, and manufacturing still stand strong.

After listening to the episode, check out the family office works for as well as Sidney’s social media profile:

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