One Woman’s Empowerment Quest to help One Million

Futurist Trond Arne Undheim interviews Savi Barrowes, host of the Dream Big and Live Free podcast.

In this conversation, which I initially had planned as a prep call, we instead dove straight in. We talked about Savi’s path to empowerment, her quest to empower one million women, her project on the future of work for American nurses which brought her to the White House, what she took away from her MBA at MIT Sloan, the meaning of life, whether we need a North Star and how to turn adversity in to personal and professional growth. In doing so, we also talk about what the next decade will bring for women’s empowerment.

My takeaway is that even if your life is defined by abrupt shock, such as suicide in the family before you turn 19, domestic abuse, a divorce before you are thirty, and starting out without formal education, you can still prevail. Not only that, you can experience outsized success, and even better, you can inspire others to make changes to transform their lives. What a powerful message to young women and to all of us.

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