How To Write a Book on the Future of Healthcare

Futurist Trond Arne Undheim interviews Scott E. Burgess, Founder of Healthcare360 Media Group and host of the Healthcare360 podcast.

We talked about the importance of having a deep conviction before you write a book, how you go about creating a piece of true thought leadership, and, more specifically, what’s wrong with healthcare today. In the process, Scott starts sketching the solution he envisions, rebuilding healthcare from scratch and where YOU need to become your own best healthcare advisor.

My takeaway is that there is no substitute for integrity. I more deeply understand the rogue thinking required to turn healthcare around and I would look to Scott to provide a key perspective in the coming year. The system of the future will be, or rather needs to be, built around the individual, not the insurance or even the medical providers. What that means goes far beyond the current industry buzzword of value based care.

As for how to write books, I summarized it into four key decisions surrounding: flow, brand, Quality, and speed. I believe if you know your approach to these four issues, everything else follows.

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