The Future of the Second Half of Life

Futurist Trond Arne Undheim interviews Tom Moebus, Founder of TenXGrow, whose mission is to help small companies grow in dramatic ways. We talk about our mutual background at MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program, why Tom has comes out of retirement for COVID-19, which, echoing Buddhist thinking is a “noble moment”. He tells us how he helps Main Street businesses pivot and learn to operate under new conditions, and learn from each other. We discuss his project to connect young people in America and China to create wise people who will learn to collaborate before their minds are colored with what society tries to feed them. Finally, we learn how the protest generation of the 60s might be rising again and what they are concerned with now.

The takeaway is that the second half of life is becoming a more and more central part of people’s lives. We are healthier longer and have energy to give. The activism of the 60+ generation is different because they are more mature, more balanced, and, perhaps at times, wiser. Some of this activity stems from Men’s groups, where all kinds of experiences are discussed and where people are mobilized to act. They ask: what is the end contribution I want to have made to the world? I’m reminded that this is a question we can ask at any age.

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