How 5G+AR might revolutionize communication

Futurist Trond Arne Undheim interviews David A. Smith, CEO and founder of Croquet, the augmented reality collaborative operations system.

In this conversation, they talk about how augmented reality builds on insights that were present among the precursors of the internet, such as Douglas Engelbart and Alan Kay. They explore whether and how AR can evolve into a communication platform that is in some ways more real than co-presence, or at least can support simultaneous digital collaboration in a way we have never seen before. How long might this take? What will the form factor be? Will computers as we know them become outdated within the next decade?

The takeaway is that AR has the potential to shift digital communication into a radically novel, transformative collaboration environment where simulation, multi-sensory stimulation and symbiosis between humans and computers can unlock innovative potential and provide the backbone of a platform that can help humanity confront its greatest challenges, such as climate change, pandemics, and other threats to our way of life, and ultimately to our existence. With the pandemic, we now have an incentive to build this out a decade earlier than it it would otherwise have happened. To ensure that AR does not become a “walled garden” but can benefit all consumers and all enterprises, we need open architectures to flourish.

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