The Future of Child Trafficking

Futurist Trond Arne Undheim interviews Vassilia Orfanou, founder of Luxembourg Diplomacy and Communications Institute,, the media diplomacy agency.

We talked about child trafficking, the first problem will devote its attention to. Child trafficking is a global crisis where the fragmentation of actors hampers media’s ability to cover the stories and make progress in the field. Emerging technology is a double edged sword which enables crime syndicates but it also represents opportunities for monitoring and tracking and agenda setting.

The takeaway is that there is no need for additional organizations working on the content surrounding child trafficking. Rather, the problem is to coordinate and make current activity more visible and efficient. Putting all the information in one place and joining up the actors who work in the field in one communication effort seems to be a viable path. Child trafficking is a horrendous issue, but seems to be such a profitable endeavor currently with so attractive economics for those who pursue it that it needs to be pursued from a variety of angles, from law enforcement to legislative proposals to awareness initiative. Big brands have a big responsibility in this effort and sharing best practices could be fruitful. The next decade could be pivotal and we just might be able to turn the tide.

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