Digital Health in Future Pandemics

In this episode, futurist Trond Arne Undheim interviews Greg Licholai, Chief Medical Officer, PRA Health Sciences, Faculty at Yale School of Management, and healthcare innovation columnist for Forbes. We talk about where digital health as a field is right now and where it’s moving, promising startups, vaccine innovation, improving clinical trials and staying ahead by tracking insight in the field.


After listening, check out PRA Health Sciences as well as Greg Licholai’s online profile:

The takeaway is that digital health has come quite far, but that its breakaway promises have only just begun to manifest themselves. This year, investment in the field has spiked, even before COVID-19, which indicates we will move at a rapid pace in the next few years. One exciting field is prescription digital therapeutics. However, big challenges remain. Progress in healthcare doesn’t come easy, even with digital tools at our disposal. We are dealing with legacy infrastructures, mindsets, government regulation and intractable problems coming from left field, such as pandemics and the complexities inherent in any public health intervention.


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