HC360 #044 Pandemic Aftermath with Futurist & Author Trond Undheim

Author and Futurist on tech Trond Undheim is joining Healthcare 360 for episode #44 – today we will explore Trond’s latest book The Panademic Aftermath and understand how Trond’s novel charts new territory by interweaving possible post-Covid scenarios based on Trond’s study of the forces of disruption that brought on our current pandemic. We will also touch on Trond’s book Leadership from Below and other areas Trond focuses on such as gaps in public health and antiquated or copy/paste responses to calamity. Prepare to be mind blown and gain awareness into the future society you may want to design your life towards.

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HC360 #103 Personality Framework and Instant Rapport *Part 2* with Dr. Cody Golman Healthcare360

Do you know your own innate personality? How about the personalities of those closest to you? I have learned so much through Dr. Cody Golman’s “How to Read Anyone Like a Book” online course – I understand myself better, I interact with the people and world around me so much more effectively, lovingly and am able to build rapport instantly! Listen in as we deep dive in the second half of our conversation – I look forward to building on this friendship and am excited to hear your input Nation! Please join us for sneak peeks shared through our Facebook community page at “The Best & Brightest of Healthcare 360”. While you're navigating ScottEBurgess.com take a minute and watch our real life video testimonials under the affiliate product page, and determine for yourself, what best in class affiliates can do for you in your own personal wellness journey. Now let’s jump into our second half of our conversation with Cody Golman, and as always, thanks for listening! Healthcare360 Host: Scott E. Burgess Burgess@ScottEBurgess.com HC360’s Website: https://www.scotteburgess.com/ HC360’s Youtube Page: youtube.com/healthcare360withscotteburgess HC360’s Rumble Page: https://rumble.com/register/Healthcare360withScottEBurgess/ The Best & Brightest of Healthcare 360 Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/119577323474710/ Healthcare360 Magic Maker: Michelle Burgess MagicMaker@ScottEBurgess.com http://www.MichelleFNBurgess.com (coming one day soon!) Healthcare 360 Affiliates: Please support our podcast by purchasing products from our affiliates at https://www.scotteburgess.com/shop Guest Contact: Dr. Cody Golman https://www.drcodygolman.com/ Referenced Info: HC360 #100 & #101 John McDermott https://www.scotteburgess.com/episodes/100 https://www.scotteburgess.com/episodes/101 Dr. Golman’s How to Read Anyone Like a Book Course https://www.drcodygolman.com/htralb-100-off Untethered Soul by Michael Singer https://untetheredsoul.com/ The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer https://untetheredsoul.com/surrender-experiment Alan Watts https://alanwatts.org/ The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks https://www.amazon.com/Big-Leap-Conquer-Hidden-Level/dp/0061735361 HC360 #084 Dr. Shawn Baker https://www.scotteburgess.com/episodes/084 HC360 #085 Paul Hickey https://www.scotteburgess.com/episodes/085 HC360 #086 Del Bigtree https://www.scotteburgess.com/episodes/086 HC360 #087 Clayton Thomas https://www.scotteburgess.com/episodes/087 HC360 #088 James Corbett https://www.scotteburgess.com/episodes/088 HC360 #035 Lonny Stormo https://www.scotteburgess.com/episodes/035 Music provided by: IMMEX – Blue Shark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1pmz9IJ1CA Graphic Design by: Waqar Mughal waqarstudio92@gmail.com Webflow Design Services by: Adrian Gavrilă Hello@adriangavrila.com Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational purposes – not intended as medical advice. It is always the advice of Healthcare360 to consult with a doctor or other health care professional(s) for medical advice. Some of these links go to one of my websites and some are affiliate links where I'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
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