In this interview with the HJ Book Blog, Trond Undheim answers ten questions:

  1. How are you dealing with this pandemic at a personal level?
  2. We have seen many contagious disease outbreaks in modern history, like Ebola, MERS, and SARS. How is this coronavirus outbreak different from that?
  3. What are some of the forces of disruption that brought on this according to you?
  4. Could it have been dealt in a better way?
  5. Did you know you wanted to pen down a book exploring the possible scenarios of the world post this pandemic or did your research instigate you to write it down for the world?
  6. How do you see this trade-off between safety and freedom that has emerged as a pivotal debate right at this moment?
  7. Pandemic Aftermath is different from the three other books you have written at a basic level. What will you comment on that?
  8. Do you think these political, social or cultural changes that are happening and are about to come are more dangerous than what we are currently going through?
  9. Is your book inclusive and does it provide practical strategies even for developing and poor nations?
  10. Any new projects you are working on?

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