STEX25 strengthens collaboration between startups and industry

MIT Startup Exchange accelerator puts focus on establishing profitable business connections.

“Fostering corporate partnerships is our mandate,” says Trond Undheim, program director of STEX25. “We believe such partnerships are key to enhancing a fast-growing startup’s validation and value, and startups are highly effective vehicles for testing the commercial viability of products.”

STEX25 is a competitive accelerator launched last year by the MIT Startup Exchange, which prioritizes connecting industry partners with fast-growing MIT startups to accelerate innovation. Throughout the year, STEX25 startups participate in various events on MIT’s campus and across the globe, attended by startup founders and corporate representatives, such as networking seminars, various workshops, pitch presentations, startup showcases, and startup-industry meet-and-greet sessions between startup founders and corporate executives.

“Once we connect them [with industry partners], they can get on the ground running and start improving an existing industry process or contribute to entirely new business lines in large companies,” Undheim adds.

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