Move Beyond Disruption: Interview with an Accidental Futurist

In today’s world, entrepreneurship and leadership in business are driven by globalization and technology. These factors act as disruptors, changing the ways that organizations operate and causing lasting impact in all corners of the world. Current happenings, such as the rise in automation and the trade war between the U.S. and China, affect individuals and organizations alike. As a Ph.D. student in Global Leadership, I am interested in how disruptors shape organizational processes including innovation and collaboration. As part of the founding team of two startups, I often face disruptors, and seek ways to work around and leverage them.

For these reasons, I was excited to have the opportunity to interview Dr. Trond A. Undheim. Dr. Trond Undheim is an entrepreneur, leader, and self-described futurist; in other words, he is concerned with the future impact of globalization and technology in business.

While speaking with Undheim, I found that in many ways, he is himself a disruptor and a changemaker. He seeks to utilize disruptors to create lasting change.

Tif Ho in Move Beyond Disruption: Interview with an Accidental Futurist

Dr. Undheim and I spoke at length about his tech startup, Yegii and his upcoming book, Disruption Games, both of which resulted from his personal experiences with the current trends in business. We also spoke about Undheim’s own processes on the path to discovering self and to creating lasting impact. During our discussion, I perceived that Undheim’s approach to disruptions and change of any kind is characterized by a perspective of balanced, collaborative, and experimental process.

“Balance the audacity to build something that not everyone is going to believe in right away, boldly seek feedback, and keep going back to the drawing board.”

Trond Undheim cited in Beyond Disruption: Interview with an Accidental Futurist

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