Disruption Games – Week 2

I’m exited for week 2 of my book campaign, having sold 49 copies of my book, Disruption Games, so far. I need to get to 250 by Friday 9th to keep up. Grab a $20 Early Bird copy, if you can, and I’ll remember you forever.

Common wisdom says that success breeds success, but the evidence shows that, instead, it’s repeated failure that breed success.

— Trond Undheim, Disruption Games (in preorder)

A big shout-out to folks that have bought the book, including Wellesley friends (thanks Alasdair, Atul, Douglas, Malte, Wig and more), neighbors (Art, Beanie, Chelsea, Jon, Max, Pat), friends from my EU days (Charles), entrepreneurs from MIT (Joseph), and even people I had no idea cared about my work (to all of you–let’ stay in touch from now on).

A special thanks goes to Hilde Dalen Celik at Senter for Sosialt Entreprenørskap og Innovasjon, who stepped up to become the first corporate sponsor. She writes:

Trond Arne Undheim var en av de første som skrev om sosialt entreprenørskap i boka Vilje til Endring, etter ide og redaktørrolle fra Bitten Schei. Nå har vi alle en mulighet til å lese hans nyeste bok ved å bestille her. Jeg har nettopp bestilt bøker og gleder meg.

— Hilde Dalen Celik, Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Norway

A growing list of launch partners are joining in, including Founders Forum, Global Corporate Venturing, Greentown Labs, Kantar, and Innovation Leader, representing a cross-section of the communities I’ve worked with throughout my career. Just wanted to share a few of these endorsements:

“Through MIT, Trond has worked with some of the best startups in the world. Read this book for insights on what it took for them to succeed. Part business, part personal development, Disruption Games provides a blueprint of practical ways to jumpstart successful innovation through examining failure.”

— Brent Hoberman, co-founder, Founders Forum, Lastminute.com, Made.com

“Excited to hear MIT legend, star speaker and moderator Trond Undheim’s new book, Disruption Games is available for pre-order. I cannot think of a better guide to the disruptive world that founders and executives inhabit”

— James Mawson, CEO & Founder, Global Corporate Venturing

Starting this book adventure, I had no idea it would become such an opportunity for me to reconnect and reflect, but also to appreciate the friendships and allegiances that outlast employers, ups and downs, and even my failures. I’m already so thankful!