Disruption Games now in preorder

My book, Disruption Games, is available for pre-order from August 1st — August 30th on Publishizer.com, a crowdfunding platform that puts me in touch with major publishers. Preorder today and get a free bonus.

I’m going to give you a preview of three critical points:

  1. By 2030, the global labor force will be led by robotic AI and an elite set of knowledge workers. 
  2. Common wisdom says that success breeds success, but this is actually wrong. 
  3. Navigating the yin and yang of Disruption and Distraction is key to career success. 

My goals are the following:

  • Obtain 250 preorders by week 2, 500 by week 3, 1000 by week 4
  • Get 20+ top publishers to express interest and bid for my book
  • Sign with a reputable publisher providing advance royalties
  • Use this campaign to pay for necessary research trips

Any support you can give towards these goals would be highly appreciated.