Yegii, the insight network, is in open beta

I am excited to announce that my startup Yegii is in open beta. Yegii Inc. supplies specialist insight to businesses in the midst of industry disruption. Analyzing emerging tech, policy and business models is where Yegii excels. Our products cover 3D printing, distributed energy generation, new nuclear, personalized healthcare and more: (a) Ranked industry and topic specific knowledge assets (by subscription); (b) In-depth analysis of business challenges by multidisciplinary, global teams (on demand).

We are looking for professionals to work on the following Business Challenges:

Business drivers in New Nuclear.

Budget: $1 500. Address the 3-5 year outlook, technology and regulatory drivers for New Nuclear. Provide an overview of the key players, geographies, and particularly address how the emerging business models complement and/or replace existing ones. Client: Choice Investments Inc. Learn more.

Bitcoin’s Impact on Banks.

Budget: $5 000. Analyze the impact of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on banks and devise a strategic course of action. Client: Santander. Learn more.

The 3-5 year Outline for Wind in the US.

Budget: $5 000. How much will get installed? Where will it be installed? What’s the likelihood of RPS, PTC and other government policies? Client: National Grid. Learn more.