MIT Sloan School of Management  2012-present
Senior Lecturer of in Global Economics and Management
MIT Sloan is consistently rated among the world’s top ten business schools.

  • Teach business strategy & operations.
  • Advice and drive research on Emerging Markets.
  • Develop a research portfolio on Cleantech innovation.


Oracle Corporation 2008 – 2012
Director of Standards Strategy and Policy (Business Development)
Oracle, with 110K employees, is the world’s largest business software company.

  • Lead global business development in the 3-10 year time frame.
  • Drive high-level thinking around technology, business and standardization strategy.
  • Jointly manage a networked organization of 400 people.
  • Run major initiatives on behalf of trade associations (Open Forum Europe, ECIS).
  • Ensure Oracle’s policy positions are reflected in the EU and its Member States.
  • Liaise with Oracle executives on key strategy matters.
European Commission 2004 – 2008
National Expert on e-government
The European Commission is the executive body of the European Union

  • Oversaw €11.9bn yearly investment in e-government across Europe.
  • Led European good practice exchange in e-government, e-health and e-inclusion.
  • Executed innovative online media strategies.
  • Liaised with top public policy stakeholders in European governments.
  • Ran ad-hoc group of national IT executives from 20 countries.
  • Coached 80+ management consultants and managed 14 projects on change management, new public service delivery chains, benchmarking and measurement (€10 m).


The Norwegian Board of Technology 2002-2004
Project Manager on Innovation
The NBT is a public, independent think tank for technology assessment.

  • Managed high-level expert groups on Sustainable Innovation Policy and Software Policy.
  • Policy work (digital networks, software, privacy, innovation) changing national priorities.
  • Briefed the Norwegian Parliament on technology issues.
Norwegian University of Science and Technology 1998-2002
Research Fellow on Media, Technology, Sustainability
NTNU is Norway’s top ranked engineering university with 20,000 students and 1,500 faculty.

  • Wrote innovative articles on information technology and knowledge management.
  • Taught a highly regarded undergrad course in Digital Media and Social Communication.
  • Developed research project on electric vehicles in Norway and Italy, funded by the EU.
Innovision 1997-2001
CEO and co-founder
Innovision is a consulting firm and business incubator. Acquired by Thorvik in 2002.

  • Built a business incubator for 20 new media companies, successfully raised seed capital (Falanx acquired by ARM. Plasus Technologies acquired by DEFA Group).
  • Consulted for regional government, major banks and various business networks.
  • Produced a vision document for 30 years in the future.


Norwegian Army 1994-1995
  • Sharp shooting medal. National Champion in Relay. Field Sports Medal.
  • Media, intelligence training, Russian language course.
  • Brochure design and content for the Armed Forces’ Russian course.
  • Groundwork for utilizing Internet in recruitment procedures (note the year: 1994).
University of Trondheim, Dept. of Psychology 1992-1994
Research Assistant  
  • Analyzed and coded data using SPSS statistics program
  • Assisted a University professor with research tasks, literature search, etc.