Pandemic Aftermath: Introduction

In this episode, the topic is Pandemic Aftermath: How Coronavirus Changes Global Society. Trond Undheim reads from the introduction to his eponymous book which was published by Atmosphere Press in June, 2020. The first portion of the book is non-fiction. The second portion of the book is fiction


The takeaway is that the coronavirus pandemic is so much more than a public health crisis. It will arguably change society. Right now, we are not sure exactly how. But we can look at which areas will be impacted. Broadly, there are five scenarios for our post-pandemic future. The five scenarios considered in this book are: borderless world, nation-state renewal, two worlds apart, Hobbesian chaos, and status quo.


Which one do you want to foster? And, do these scenarios scare you? Fascinate you? Surprise you? Bore you? Mobilize you? If you are at all curious, you can get this book everywhere books are sold and can learn more at


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